Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Apples on the Web: All About Apples

Another ambitious site with lots of apple information, All About Apples seeks to be no less than "the premier internet site for the Apple Industry."

(Update: All About Apples merged with Orange Pippin in 2011 and as of 2012 nearly all links to AAA redirect to OP.)

Chief attractions here are hundreds of apple descriptions and a geographical catalog of orchards, which invites listings from growers. But there is also a bulletin board, a short list of articles of interest to orchardists, book reviews, and other bells and whistles.

Still, All About Apples feels a little like a labor of love that is on hiatus. Except for the bulletin boards, where people post question and, sometimes, answer about apple varieties and pomaculture, there doesn't seem to be any new content on the site since 2008.

Nonetheless the authors put a lot into this site, which remains a useful and well-organized resource with descriptions of many little-known apples. Readers will appreciate All About Apples' no-nonsense apple reviews. For instance, here is the site's take on Lodi, an early apple:

Parentage / Origin:
Montgomery x Transparent; New York, 1942.

Harvest / Season: Harvest: July - August, Season: 4 weeks from harvest.

Description: Fruit is pale yellow flushed with deeper yellow. Flesh is crisp and juicy, flavor is sweet-tart. Ripens later than Transparent and keeps longer.

Tree Characteristics: Resistant to apple scab. Tendency to biennial bearing can be remedied by thinning. Dependable, productive trees.

I blush to compare this compact description to my own opinionated review of Lodi.


  1. Adam I am SL (either Sherrie LaPorte or Silent Lurker, both of which are true.)
    As a former member of LRY '69-73',I find it fascinating to learn others interests. I have been reading AND using your apple blog and yesterday an apple based on what you have written. I thank you sir and will return frequently

  2. Well, Sherrie, I'm glad you like it!

    What apple did you try and did it suit you?


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