Saturday, November 23, 2019

Lucy Glo *

Curiously colored apple, glossy, pastel orange, pink, and green.

What's striking about this apple? It's the unusual color—a "glo" that is the result of a pastel orange-pink color peering through an otherwise pale green peel.

(Click on any photo for a closer look.)

This look reminds me of the tan exterior of the Pink Pearl. Which raises an interesting question...

Apple sliced to reveal magenta and white marbled flesh.

Yes, like Pink Pearl, Lucy Glo is a red-fleshed apple. The pastel peach tint is the red of the flesh filtered through the thinnest regions of peel.

The magenta pigment is spotty but still striking. The flesh is coarse-grained, juicy, and crunchy good. The uncolored flesh is a warm off-white.

Otherwise, Lucy is slightly tapered and slightly ribbed, with a slick glossy peel that is probably waxed. The surface is a little bumpy.

The orange "glow" is not a blush. Rather, it rises from the interior of the apple.

The lenticels are slightly thicker raised dots, the same dull pale yellow green as the peel. Many have tiny light-green centers

Only one sample, not typical, had a rosy blushed area (below). There, the lenticels presented as tiny light tan dots.

Apple with a partial orange-red blush
Lucy Glo blushing.

Eating Lucy

Lucy is quite sweet, though with some balancing tartness that makes her palatable.

There is a strong berry note and a general candy fruitiness that suggests another red-fleshed variety, Airlie Redflesh.

What distinguishes Lucy from other red-fleshed apples is her breaking crisp texture.

Though I find this apple too sweet, I think many people would like Lucy. This is clearly an apple developed with an eye to the Honeycrisp demographic.

If you are a fan of that apple, you should give Lucy a try.

About half an apple red fleshed, with jagged tooth-torn edges.

The originator of this variety, Chelan Fresh, is coy, saying only that Lucy is "part Honeycrisp." I believe Lucy Glo, a trademark, may be the apple patented in 2017 as "Howell TC3."

If so, the Honeycrisp claim is a stretch, if a credible one. Chelan assumes that Honeycrisp is the pollen parent, though that is not actually known for sure.

The seed parent, big surprise, was Airlie Redflesh.

Update: Lucy Glo has a red-fleshed sister, Lucy Rose.


  1. Neat looking apple. I'll have to keep my eye out to try one.

    My orchard just provided my alternate harvest this week...venison. Life is good.

    1. Red, these are apparently available in supermarkets in many parts of the country, so good luck.

      There aren't any where I live, though. I had to go to Colorado to find these.


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