Friday, August 22, 2008

Williams' Pride **

This handsome medium-sized apple sports a dark purplish blush with light speckles. It is somewhat ribbed and some are conical. The flesh is a dense and creamy (slightly yellow) and gives a nice crunch.

Willams' Pride is sweet but not cloying, juicy, and rich, with notes of pear. Something about the flavor brings to my mind that of the Baldwin apple, though I am sure the differences would be very obvious were it possible to take a time machine to October to compare the two. (Update: Judge for yourself!)

two starsThough not very acid or tart it has a nice astringent tail that persists after eating, more a sensation than a flavor.

I would guess that Williams' Pride would appeal to many different tastes, as it is mild without blandness and has an unusual character of its own.


  1. I picked up a few W.P. apples this weekend at our local market. The first one we tasted was clearly not ripe. The second one was larger and deeper red in color. It was nice and crisp with a sweet and juicy flavor. I agree with Adam's post about the flavor. This is an early apple with a sweet and crunchy taste that rivals a good fall eating apple.

  2. Adam,
    Around the corner in Cambridge, I'm new to heirloom apples. I visited Tower Hill last weekend, and I just enjoyed my first White Pippin. After 15 minutes a wonderful dry tartness still lingers. Wow! But I'm posting to Williams' Pride because I knew the man who this apple was named after, Edwin Williams, a pomologist at Purdue. A wonderful guy. It sounds like his years of work really bore fruit.
    Ray Fahrner

  3. Bore fruit? I really ought to track the puns around here, Ray!

    Williams Pride would be a great apple any time of year, but is especially welcome at the start of the season.

    By the way, I have just learned that Formaggio, in Cambridge, has heirloom apples from Vermont. Maybe there is something to this heirloom renaissance. Have not gotten over there yet though.

  4. Hi Adam! Really enjoying your insights. How is the thin thickness of William's Pride vs LIberty? Thanks!

    1. Hi TWC! Assuming you mean skin thickness: regretably, I have never compared them.


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