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Pristine **

This striking small medium fruit is light yellow with light green lenticels. It is ribbed and has little bumps, or "chins," around the calyx. 

My sample has some russet in the stem well and a mellow aroma that suggests pear and Golden Delicious.

Pristine's flesh is tender with a little snap, a coarse light yellow. The balance tends towards tart, with lemon, pear, and vinegar notes.

These pretty little apples taste as bright as they look. There's a nice astringent finish. I think Pristine would make a sophisticated accent in a salad of greens.

two starsAccording to the breeders of this apple, Pristine ripens a full month (or more) before I bought mine on September 2. I'd like to to try these right off the tree some year.

Update: I did and they are great; details here.

Further Update: I now rate these at two stars, "worth seeking."


  1. Ours ripened around Sept. 2, and Pristine rocks! The smooth skin looks really delicate, but it took our 100+ degree heat without a flinch while tough Rome Beauty next tree over got fried. This is high summer for us and apples tend to be on the chewy/dry side, but Pristine was juicy, crisp, and a nice sweet/tart combo. It may merit a coveted role as one of the few trees we'll grow on seedling rootstock and take up precious space.


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