Saturday, September 14, 2019

Ellison's Orange

Two orange-red apples. The one on the left has broad saturated stripes.The broad stripes on the apple at left do not appear to be usual, but I wanted you to see it alongside the more-typical apple on the right. Both are Ellison's Orange.

Consequently there are two examples of this English apple to enjoy.

These fruits are on the small side of large, a cheerful spring green layered with a subdued orange-red blush and a fair amount of rusetting.

The surface finish ranges from matte to rough.

The apples have russet-colored lenticel dots that are most visible in the blush but that can be spotted throughout. There is no ribbing to speak of, and the apple is round and oblate.

I really like this look in an apple, layered and rustic and full of character.

Inside Story

Inside, fine grained white flesh is breaking crisp and dense without being especially hard. There are green highlight in the flesh and a tartness (nothing extreme) that makes me suspect unripeness.

Nonetheless, Ellison's has some fine lively flavors of lychee, cane sugar, and spice.

There's nothing that clobbers you, just tastes that are balanced and refreshing and refined. There is a little orange towards the end of the chew

The finish is modest and sweet.


Ellison's Orange grew from a Cox's Orange Pippin pip. The National Fruit Collection says the pollen parent is Calville Blanc.

Orange Pippin warns that Ellison's Orange can develop a strong and unpleasant anise flavor in storage. OP also describes a very different apple: "quite soft, somewhat pear-like in texture, and juicier than Cox."

That's not what I found, but probably my samples (picked ca. September 8) were early. There may also be differences due to climate and terroir.

I could wish that mine had had another week on the tree.

Aren't those stripes something?



  1. Where did you find the apples? Do you think you can go back again now that they’ve had more time to ripen?

    1. Hi Beth,

      It's from this place, and the Ellison's are done for the year.

      I held off on posting for a week so that I could check.

  2. Very pretty looking apple. Took a drive up to the deer camp this past weekend and just a joy to see many of the old timers chock full of apples at farms all along the way. Tis the season.


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