Friday, November 8, 2019

Sungold *

Yellow apple with patches of red-pink blus.

Behold this large apple, shapely and tapered (if a little lopsided), a cheerful yellow with patches of orange-pink blush.

Russetted lenticels stand out against the light background, and there is a very small amount of ribbing.

A second version is smaller with a blush that is more like a dull peach color, tentative and petite.

Inside story

Sungold makes a pretty picture! Inside, crisp light yellow flesh is fine-grained and on the dense side. It is nonetheless juicy, surprisingly tart and sharp.

The dominant flavors are lemon and a little chamomile, with a background of table grapes and a dab of honey. Bracing but nice!

Suncrisp is pleasant, and I wonder how it would hold together for cooking.

There is not a lot of information about this apple online. The National Fruit Collection says this is a Golden Delicious x Red Delicious cross.

That's credible, although apparently at best an educated guess about this chance seedling from New Jersey.


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