Thursday, August 21, 2008

Gingergold *


Gingergold is a medium-to-large fruit, a sprightly green-yellow with tiny dark-green speckles. Some of the apples have a pale red-orange blush, usually over only a small portion of the skin.

The sample pictured is more conical than most, but all seem to have some ribbing and many have a little russetting in the stem well.

All About Apples calls Gingergold a "Golden Delicious type" that 

can be picked green but will turn an attractive yellow with a blush if allowed to hang on the tree.

If so these were picked a little on the early side, which is how I usually have seen them. They are certainly sweet enough as is. Many growers seem to have these now.

The apple itself is light and very crisp. Its fine-grained flesh (white with a yellow green tint) gives way with a very satisfying crunch and plenty of juice; the flavor is sweet with pineapple and cane-sugar notes and only a little acidity or tartness.

In fact, it does not have quite enough of those last two qualities for me, but this is a justly popular apple, very fun and easy to eat. Its simplicity contributes to its appealing lightness.

There is a growing choice of fruit at Farmers Market these days. I think I have identified last week's Red Blush Mystery apple--more soon.


  1. I went in search of your review of Gingergold apples because I just ate one for the first time. So I am replying to your review of this apple from five years ago! The Gingergold I just ate was much as you described above. I did think I was tasting hints of a slightly gingery/lemony flavor. The apple I just ate did seem like a Golden Delicious, but with a more satisfying textures.

  2. I look forward to these every year. They seem to be at peak about now.


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