Monday, December 1, 2008

Blushing Golden **

The seller was clear: Blushing Golden improves with age. So I have kept my apple refrigerated for nearly a month.

Now for the moment of truth.

This is a medium-to-medium-large apple with a thin orange blush over perhaps a third of its otherwise yellow surface. It is ribbed and decorated with lenticels that take on three distinct appearances: in the blush, as darker spots of blush, and elsewhere as dark brown or, fainter, dark green spots. There are a few patches of flyspeck and one of regular russet. The fruit smells sweet and cidery.

The flesh is creamy yellow, medium coarse, juicy, and crisp, which is very pleasing for an apple that has been off the tree for so long. The flavor is lush and rich: a balanced sweet-tart, with a little lively acidity. It has something of the even sweetness of a Golden Delicious and hints of pear, honey, and banana.

This is a good late-season pick and I am pleased that I was able to buy some more on the day before Thanksgiving--the final day of the Davis Square farmers' market.

Compare Blushing Golden with Jonagold, another Jonathan - Golden Delicious cross.


  1. wow! just found these at a local farmers market and i am impressed with the taste! i love red delicious and pink lady (aka Cripps Pink) for eating and i would compare the taste to those but with a little more tartness. it's still a great taste to me!

    1. I'm impressed too: a farmers market that has these beauties in late March!

      Where are you, if you do not mind my asking?

  2. Hi Adam. I bought a house in 2006 with a few mature unnamed apple trees on the property. One of them, I just identified, is a Blushing Golden. It is everything you say it is! :)


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