Saturday, October 22, 2011

Granite Beauty *

This October apple is a large medium, slightly ribbed and slightly conical, with a streakey red blush that mostly covers spring green. On one sample the small light lenticels have rusetted over and are prominent, but not on the other.

Inside, the Granite Beauty has crisp (but not breaking) snow-white flesh with green highlights, and its taste is correspondingly balanced, with some tart accents. Flavors feature some spicy floral notes and a vinous quality, and there is an echo of cream soda towards the end.

Beauty has a chewy peel, and her flesh is more fine-grained than otherwise.

This is an excellent apple though some might dislike her flash of tart. Granite Beauty has satisfying texture and first-rate flavors. Well worth seeking out.

This Beauty originated in Weare, New Hampshire more than 150 years ago, although, as this curious story relates, the tree that bears this variety germinated in southern Maine.

Beauty has since earned a berth on the Ark of Taste, and has also been known as Aunt Dorcas, Clothes-Yard Apple, Grandmother's Apple, and just Granite.


  1. Does anyone know where you could find scionwood for this apple variety? I am interested in helping this variety recover even though I live in the Midwest.

    1. Henry, Fedco might have some.

      They're in Maine.

    2. I am in contact with a fellow in the Deep South who plans to send me scions for '16. If you still are looking for Granite Beauty I expect he may have enough to share. Let me know.


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