Monday, June 17, 2013

Tentation (Delbush) **

This new French apple is starting to be grown in the United States, but my samples today come from New Zealand.

Each of these Tentations is a large yellow cylinder with a gorgeous light orange blush over perhaps half of its surface.

Ribbing is minimal and in one sample only evident at the base, where the calyx is closed and unusually recessed. Small dark lenticels are especially prominent in the unblushed region.

My samples bruised easily. A lush sweet aroma suggests pears and peaches.

Inside, coarse light yellow flesh is juicy and crisp. Tentation is quite sweet, and offsetting tartness strikes a nice balance.

A vegetable flavor asserts briefly and then there is a lovely orange note, sometimes with a little pear or melon, along with cane sugar and honey.

The peal provides a floral accent, and there is a pleasant lingering finish.

Lush Tentation is a winner, sweet enough to please almost anyone and bearing interesting flavors and a satisfying crunch.

Tentation is the obvious offspring of Golden Delicious. The other parent is Blushing Golden.


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