Seasonal Guide

Wondering what to buy this month? Here are a few ideas.

For any month, read my buyers's guide (G), my retrospective (R), or all my seasonal posts for the month (A) or season. (There are many posts in season, not so many in the winter and spring).
JanG R AApr*G R AJulG R AOctG R A
Feb*G R AMay*G R AAugG R ANovG R A
Mar*G R AJun*G R ASepG R ADecG R A
WinterSpringSummer Fall
*Applies to all off-season months
The "guide" and "restrospective" posts are specific to the month, though off-season posts are applicable to other off-season months too. (They are mostly about apples generally available in supermarkets throughout the winter and spring.)

For instance, my April guide suggests which of the year-round industrial apples you might like based on your preferences for more-classic apples. My May guide spotlights the varieties from New Zealand, Chile, and elsewhere in the Southern Hemisphere; these also grow in North America and are available in supermarkets year-round.

The "retrospective" series describes what was good each month over the course of a year starting in July of 2010. It might give you more ideas about what apples to look for in any month.

2010 was not a very typical harvest, though I did not know that when I started the series.

You can also see all the "guide" posts at once, or all the "retrospective" series.

I wrote "what to buy" monthly for a year starting in August of 2009 and will not be revising it to reflect more varieties. The posts are starting points only.

So if you see something not listed that looks good, give it a bite!