Sunday, April 26, 2009


G'day! The harvest is in Down Under, and apples from the Southern Hemisphere have arrived in our New England markets. The same varieties grow just fine here and many are available year round. However, I have arbitrarily waited until now before reviewing any of the many varieties that originated south of equator.

Today's striking apple is medium to large, ribbed and tapered to a round base of bumps around the calyx, which is closed. Some of the streaky blush is dark and some more translucent over the yellow skin, for a variegated orange effect. The many small light lenticels (darker than the unblushed skin, though) are not obvious.

My sample has a little give to it, and a lush fragrance that suggests Golden Delicious, one of its parents (with Kidd's Orange Red).

Gala tastes like daffodils smell. But I'm getting ahead of things. Its flesh is coarse and juicy, a light buttery yellow, and both crisp and tender. It does indeed have floral notes, but also a little pear and vanilla, and the mellow honeyed influence of Golden Delicious is obvious. This is a sweet apple, though not overwhelmingly so.

Gala should please many, as it is both mild and rich, and rewards the attentive taster with an interesting bouquet of flavors.


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