Saturday, March 18, 2023


Bright yellow apple, ribbed

This cheerful lemon-yellow apple, prominently ribbed, bears faint honey-sweet aromas.

It is blocky and a little lumpy, with a splash of russet spilling from the stem well.

The closest thing to a blush is a region or two that is slightly more orange.

My photo shows a few grey speckles, easy to spot against the bright backdrop, but a close examination reveals many lenticels that match rather than contrast with that yellow. They are ever so slightly raised on the fruit's glossy smooth surface.

Those lenticels are actually a bit more obvious in the photos, and in the shade, than in direct sunshine.

Here is a curious effect: Some of the lenticels that are basically invisible when viewed straight on shift to a dark green when viewed at an angle.

Aura's calyx is wide open. There is a tiny bit of give in the squeeze.

A second sample is slightly less ribbed and more regular, with more grey spots.

Whenever I see a modern yellow apple, I think "Golden Delicious." The presumption is accelerated this time by the faint whiff of honey.

Let's see if tasting bears this out.

Put it to the taste

Aura's flesh is crunchy crisp and a full throated yellow. It's coarse-grained and juicy. I quite like the sweet-tart balance, which is, to use an old-fashioned term, sprightly. 

There is something peppery in the mix of tastes that kicks in after the first chew. That adds character, yet is not entirely agreeable, at least on one of my samples.

Other flavors are floral and citric (close to pineapple) with a faint vanilla echo that is especially noticeable in the finish.

I honestly do not know what I think of that peppery note. On balance, this is a very good apple, especially for the off season, and I plan to get more of them for my own enjoyment.

Behind the apple

According to the usual marketing materials, Aura is a Honeycrisp x Aurora cross with "bursts of honey and melon" that I totally do not find.

Aurora is a Splendour x Gala cross, so Aura has Splendour on both sides.

If anyone knows the true name of this apple (not just the trademark), I'd like to hunt for, and link to, its plant patent.

My idea of a Golden Delicious connection seems pretty tenuous.


  1. Hi Adam. I saw your post on Twitter. The cultivar name is 8S6923 and the full trademark name seems to be Aurora Golden Gala.

    1. I am grateful, anonymous twitter follower, but Aurora is the pollen parent of Aura, not Aura itself.

      I reviewed Aurora in 2014.

      There is a physical resemblance, but they are not the same apple.


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