Monday, June 27, 2011

Two great apple resources are merging

All About Apples of the U.S.A. and Orange Pippin of the U.K. are joining forces.

The two web sites will provide an online catalog of more than 600 varieties, tightly integrated with information about where each kind is grown, a tree registry, and other information.

The integrated content will be hosted at

A message at the home page of both web sites states,

Orange Pippin and All About Apples....were started individually in the mid 2000s, with a common interest in apples but catering to slightly different audiences.... The new combined site gives apple lovers the opportunity to get all their content from a single site.

Well, one hopes not quite all content, but this merger will go far to make the Orange Pippin domain the first stop on the web for apple lovers in Europe and the Americas.

The Orange Pippin web site (already noteworthy when reviewed here in 2008 but improved significantly since) boasts, among other virtues, a sophisticated and clever design and hundreds of detailed apple descriptions.

All About Apples's catalog embraces hundreds of varieties, and the site lists many American orchards. However, as I noted in my 2008 review, the site has not been actively kept up.

All About Apples describes many American varieties that were not reviewed at Orange Pippin.

As of this writing, All About Apples is essentially unchanged, and apparently its short descriptions have been integrated into Orange Pippin's pages for varieties not previously reviewed. Other content may have migrated as well.

Orange Pippin is named for Cox's Orange Pippin, a justly famous British variety.


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