Monday, December 29, 2008


Spencer is shapely, on the large side of medium-large, slightly ribbed and slightly conical.

The light red blush is not saturated; it almost lets the yellow-green skin peep through.

On my sample it covers perhaps two thirds of the surface, and there are light green lenticels throughout. The calyx is open to reveal great depth behind it.

The flesh is crisp and a little tender, perhaps past its prime. It is white and dense and juicy as befits a descendant of McIntosh.

The flavor is well balanced and a little Mac-like, though simpler. By that I mean first, there is a balance of sweet and tart, a little acidity, and a hint of some of McIntosh's vinous qualities. Second, though pleasant, these flavors are not as assertive as those of Spencer's famous parent.

I'm eating mine just before Thanksgiving so it's possible some flavors or other qualities have faded.

Spencer's other parent is Golden Delicious. Apple Journal says Spencer was developed in British Columbia in the 1920s and introduced in 1959.


  1. Kimball Fruit FarmNovember 1, 2018 at 2:41 PM

    The most popular apple at our farm since the seventies although Honeycrisp has been giving them a run for their money . Extremly well balanced with a mac flavor with a more course texture giving them a better crunch . We grow over 50 varieties and this is the one we use for pies and crisps ! Love your blog Adam

    1. @Kimball,

      And I love your apples! See my comment under Ashmead's. And thanks!


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