Monday, July 6, 2009

Autumn Greeting

So fixed has my attention been on the impending apple season (probably starting with Vista Bella) that I almost missed this late import.

Autumn Greeting is large, conical, and ribbed, with a streaky pinkish-red blush over green yellow. Many of the apples on sale were a little lopsided. Mine has some russet in the stem well. Light lenticels of varying size decorate this fruit, with more and closer spots nearer to the base. The smell is sweet and lush, with almost tropical notes; the calyx is lightly parted

I've never heard of this variety, and can find nothing online about it. Perhaps it has another name? According to the seller, it is exclusively grown in Argentina where it is harvested in May, which would be the later part of the harvest in the Southern Hemisphere.

Autumn's flesh is a coarse juicy yellow, reasonably crisp without breaking. The flavor is rich and on the sweet side, with notes of tangerine, pineapple, some starch, and something a little nutty--I want to say coconut, but perhaps that's just the tropical cliche talking. It reminds me just a little of Piñata. I wish I knew more about its lineage.

Autumn Greeting's unusual flavors are all the more welcome this time of year, but it would stand out any time. It's worth getting to know this variety--would that I knew more.


  1. Adam:

    Slice a lopsided apple open and see if the seeds on the small side got pollinated; if they didn't, there will be just tiny specks where the seed should be. If so, this accounts for the lopsidedness.

    Kevin Hauser

  2. Thanks for the tip, Kevin!

    As I recall there is a post about pollinated apples somewhere on Apples and Oranges. It didn't occur to me that partial pollinization could account for asymmetry.

    I will check for this the next time I have lopsided fruit.

  3. More info here:


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