Thursday, November 3, 2011

Creston *

These run large to very large, though not tall, and are conical to a nearly top-heavy extent.

A translucent red blush covers about half of the peel, which is otherwise yellow tinted with a little green. The underlying yellow gives the blush an orange cast but it is subdued.

Small lenticels are also understated (except when russeted), presenting as green against the yellow and an almost invisible tan against the blush.

Creston smells sweet and rich like a Golden Delicious, Creston's dam.

The apple's light-yellow flesh is a nice surprise, coarse-grained, crisp, and very juicy. The harmonious and mild flavors of pear, melon, and honey are backed by a good balance of sweet and tart. There is no acidity

Creston's crisp texture and flowing juices elevate this apple above the pack of Golden Delicious daughters, fun and easy to eat.

Creston is a modern breed from British Columbia.


  1. I had some Creston from one of my trees this year and your assessment is pretty much right in line with mine. I found it one of the more enjoyable apples to eat this year with its pleasant texture, juiciness and pleasing but not challenging flavors. It isn't the densely packed high flavored apple I tend to get hot and bothered about, but everything it is just works and harmonious is a good description all around. I'll be looking forward to more of them. Sure was big apple though, not for nibblers.

  2. Turkey: I am kind of surprised at how much I like this. A nice change of pace.

    I hope you've had a good year.


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