Friday, October 4, 2013


This Gala x Fuji cross does a good job of splitting the difference between its parents.

Each of these ribbed, slightly elongated apples has a very streaky red blush over a green-tinged yellow peel that sports a glossy finish.

Light lenticels add even more variation to the striped blush.

These feel pretty firm with just a little give.

Rubenstar's flesh is very juicy and reasonably crisp, a coarse-grained light yellow. Balanced and mild flavors include corn syrup, a very little melon, and a faint generic floral note.

It's easy to see both parents in this apple, which is pleasant and should appeal to fans of Gala and Fuji.

Update: The grower insisted that this apple, which seems to be known in Central California, is its own cultivar and not Rubinstar (with an i),  a sport of Jonagold.


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