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Spigold *

Crossing Northern Spy with Golden Delicious can get you a huge apple, at least if Spigold is any indication.

This lopsided, oblate, and very slightly ribbed variety has a dull red blush streaky over a light green yellow. Its light tan lenticels look smaller in the blushed area.

Unbroken Spigold feels hefty and firm with a sweet cidery aroma.

Inside, this variety's yellow flesh is coarse, juicy, and satisfyingly crisp.

Crosses like Spigold do not always produce a recognizable blend, but in this case the flavors neatly bisect those of its parents. The apple is sweet but (mostly) balanced by a little tartness, and presents both Northern Spy's spicy flavor along with the honeyed richness of Golden Delicious.

The result includes a little pleasant vinousness. This is a fabulous combination of flavors and I had no trouble polishing off my very large sample. The flesh oxidizes quickly.

I wonder, are these good in pie? Because I don't think you'd need more than one or two.


  1. Just finished off the first apple to be picked off my friend's young Spigold as I was reading this. The description was very fitting except that my sample much smaller and exhibited significant russeting at the stem and calyx cavities. Intensely flavored - I'm thinking mine might have been a little less sweet than yours. I'm looking forward to more!

  2. good for sauce and pie or crisp, spicy and not much sugar needed.


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