Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Cosmic Crisp *

A red apple glistening in the winter sunshine
Today's apple has attracted an extraordinary amount of attention from growers in Washington State. The state university there developed and is promoting the new variety.

The growers are responding by ordering and planting thousands of trees.

Cosmic Crisp is a very handsome apple, quite big, with a saturated blush of orange-tinted crimson decorated by lenticel dots.

These run the gamut from tiny and distinct to large and diffuse. Ribbing also runs a range from moderate to pronounced.

My photo sample is tapered but most of the others are rounder and blocky.

Close up a faint suture line on a red apple
The suture line is faint.
The calyx at the bottom of the apple is recessed about a third of an inch, though there is only moderate ribbing. These apples glisten with wax.

Many of these also sport a subtile latitudinal suture line.

The apple has a sweet aroma that is both floral and smokey. Dwell on that: smokey.

Biting in reveals coarse-grained yellow flesh that is extremely crisp and juicy. It breaks off in great satisfying chunks.

Cosmic Crisp strongly favors pure sweetness, a mix of corn syrup and cane sugar, but there are other flavors of interest. There is a floral note and a bit of that smokiness, also hints of grain and spice.

It's not really enough spice to add up to barbecue sauce, though the sugar and the smoke are there.

The saccharine finish is a little bit cloying

Cosmic Crisp has a great texture and some appealing flavors. The barbecue smoke is really unusual.

The sugar level strikes me as excessive, but that's not exactly going to be a problem with the sweet-toothed public. At least unless tastes change.

Cosmic Crisp is an Enterprise x Honeycrisp cross that has Moma's sturdiness and Papa's crunch. I found it slow to turn brown when cut.

So are those Washington State growers betting on a winner? They've gotten it wrong before by putting all their apples in one basket.

I won't pretend to predict the future, but I will say this. Look out, Honeycrisp: you've got a worthy competitor, and in a few years Cosmic Crisp will be everywhere.

Apple groupthink
Cosmic Crisp's space themed website


  1. The only future prediction I'm willing to make is that you will be doing a head-to-head taste test of Honeycrisp v. Cosmic Crisp.

    1. Part of me hates being predictable, but that does seem to be in the cards!

  2. I bought 10 pounds at my local Haggen store this week, just released. for those wanting to taste this I'm willing to send them around. Adam you are spot on. I have always liked the durability of Enterprise-my last apple to eat at strawberry season.

  3. I had my first Cosmic Crisp today. There were some interesting flavors lurking somewhere in there, but it was hard to hear them over the continuous shouting of "I'M CRISP! I'M SWEET! I HAVE A BIT OF TARTNESS!"

  4. I bought 2pounds shared them with friends none of them liked them no flavor nothing long way to go to best out Snap.Dragon or Honey Crisp.


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