Thursday, November 8, 2012


This apples dates from a time of boastful apple names. Seek no further! Nonesuch! King of the Pippins!

These are small to medium with a faint blush, streaky pink over a muted chartreuse, and varying amounts of russet.

The net effect is layered and complex.

Though squat these are also a little conical. There's no ribbing to speak of; okay maybe a hint of some.

I bought about six of these, firm little spheres with a faint aroma, before eating, of yeast and gunpowder.

The flesh is crisp and firm, white, midway between fine and coarse. Bites calve off in crunchy chunks.

Nonpareil is tart with a little outright acidity, though there is some tempering sweetness. It's bracing and refreshing, but needs a little more sugar to be really balanced.

There's a whiff of vanilla and lemon. I like these but Nonpariel is probably too tart for some.

Or maybe, as has been true all too often this fall, these should have stayed on the tree a little longer, or need to sit for a month or two to develop full flavor.

I do not really blame the grower, who told me that that this year is the first (since the orchard changed hands in 2009) that these apples have not split. Leave them on the tree a bit longer and risk that happening again.

There are several "Nonpareils." Assuming it's the same one, Orange Pippin finds a distinct pear drop flavor. (I did not. But then, I have never had a pear drop.)


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