Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Things are winding down

Today was the last farmers market in Arlington until next summer. Lexington's was yesterday. Many of the same vendors will continue in Cambridge, Somerville, and Boston until Thanksgiving. Davis Square, I'll be there.

I took my bicycle out by several orchards over the weekend. Some were closed—picked out, owing in part to the exceptionally nice weather we have had on the weekends this fall. (No doubt my letter to the Boston Globe also had something to do with this.)

Most others had their last pick-your-own day on Sunday.

Many orchards have stores that will remain open through Thanksgiving, but except for special harvest festivals ancillary hoo-haw—the moon bounces and hayrides and (alas) cider donuts and kettle corn—is similarly packed away until next year.

Volante closes in two days, on Halloween.

Halloween itself marks a sort of turning point. It's the old New Year, a time when the crops are gathered in and the great cycle of growth ends and begins again.

One of the four corner days of the year, exactly between solstice and equinox, it is the heart of autumn.

I still have a nice assortment of tastings to write up and post and a tasty choice of varieties to sample and review. So stay tuned.


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