Thursday, November 19, 2009


On the small side of medium, this cheerful yellow variety recalls both Red and Golden Delicious. Coville has the exaggerated ribbed and tapered profile of the former and the color and dark lenticels of the latter, from which it surely must be descended.

Some have a small slight blush, rosy orange. At the base a circle of bumps surrounds an open calyx. These bruise easily and have a lush sweet aroma.

Coville's flesh is a very coarse-grained light yellow, and almost impossibly juicy. Indeed the flesh of both of my tasting samples is marbled with veins so saturated with juice as to be translucent, the beginings of water core. I cannot imagine that this variety would be good for cooking.

All Coville's juice is mild and sweet, with just a hint of tartness to liven things up. There is a hint of Golden Delicious's honey, and a tiny suggestion of melon. All these flavors are mild, light, attenuated, and eminently accessible.


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