Monday, October 8, 2012


Staybrite is a sport of Stayman and presumably eats very similar.

These apples were so handsome that I could not resist buying a few to see if there are any differences in texture or taste versus the original.

My sample today, like many of the Staybites I saw, is big, much larger than other Staymans I have seen. But another one is just medium-sized.

The shapes vary, from oblate to conical. There is a little ribbing.

This apple has Stayman's understated blush, a dark red that is pretty solid over green, decorated with prominent light lenticels. It's very firm to the squeeze.

Staybrite's flesh is crunchy and wonderfully juicy but, alas, a light green, betraying a decision to pick too early.

The texture suffers too, probably not as cleanly crisp as that of a fully ripened Staybrite, and the flavors are undeveloped and obscure. The sweet-tart balance is good, though.

There's a little honeydew flavor, something I did not notice in more-ripe Staymans, and a little spice at the end, something I did.

Big and little Staybrites
May I express my disappointment? This is not a total loss by any means, but I prefer fruit that is fully ripe. I can't compare it to Stayman with any kind of critical honesty.

Why pick early? There are many possible reasons, but speaking as a consumer rather than a farmer my reaction is regret.


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