Monday, December 5, 2011

Hear Cox's Orange Pippin rattle

The seeds of Cox's Orange Pippin are said to rattle inside the apple. However, I've never found one with pips that did.
Until now.

I am pleased to bring you this sound, probably an internet first.

Click to play, or download the audio file.

Update: Behold the pips.


  1. Way cool Adam; I've always wondered what this sounds like. There's an Old Southern variety called "Rattlecore" that does the same thing. But you didn't tell us how the apple was!

  2. @kuffel (Kevin): I haven't eaten that one yet! But I'd say of the dozen or so Cox's I got this year that the flavors have been first rate but the texture a bit off, not quite as solid and crisp as I know this variety can be.

    Shelburn Farm, in Stow, is a huge u-pick place with all the bells and whistles in season: hay ride, donuts, kettle corn, moon bounce, even Morris dancing.

    They have many trees and varieties with an emphasis on apples that people know, like McIntosh and Honeycrisp.

    Tucked way in the back of this ocean of trees they have one Cox's, covered with poison ivy. Getting the fruit can be a real Indian Jones experience.

    Despite this there is great pressure to pick early, before other pickers under similar pressure clean that tree out.

    There was almost nothing left when I was there the very end of September. I was unable to fill my bag. But I think the apples would have benefited from another few days on the tree.

    The few I have left are a little past their prime now, on top of everything, but I'm still glad to have them because the flavors are so fine.

  3. Hmmm, is that the same farm where the couple got lost and had to call 911? Between that and the poison ivy, we don't have anything that hazardous with our trees except that bear in the Rome Beauty tree at Yosemite...

    September still seems a little early, but the ones we tried mid-October from a general store in the mountains of Vt. weren't that great either; but I do understand when Cox is good, it's very, very good. We enjoy Rubinette, a Swiss Cox cross and if it's anything like that then it's a winner.

  4. If I hadn't picked when I did, I don't think I'd have gotten any Cox's at all!

    (And it was Honeypot, also in Stow, with the 911 corn maze. Shelburne has everything BUT a corn maze.)

  5. Oh I read about pippin in Roald Dahl's book and I came searching for it right away, Now I found it! Thanks!!!

  6. I grew up eating COPs, they grew in my great aunt and uncle's orchard in the Chilterns (UK), and I have fond childhood memories of listening to the apple that rattles.

  7. I am very familiar with COPs rattle having grown up in the UK. This is my go to apple that never disappoints.

    Morris dancers attended many English schools including mine where children joined in the festivities and Maypole dancing. A play would be performed by the children- often Snow White where a COPs would proudly be displayed.


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