Monday, October 18, 2010

Lucky Rose Golden *

This pretty variety, a large medium, is mostly an unblushed yellow. Though the blush is often streaky, it ranges from a saturated red to a faint orange-pink wash. (It's quite solid on one sample). The lenticels are dark.

Lucky is ribbed and well-formed, a bit conical.

The flesh is a coarse, juicy yellow, satisfyingly crisp. Its simple, sweet flavors embrace some of the qualities of a Golden Delicious, with a hit of ripe pear and a little pineapple, which is faint but provides a nice counterpoint. Lucky Rose is sweet, but has enough tartness to stay tasty.

The 1996 patent for Lucky describes this variety as a "sport or mutation" of Golden Delicious, and it is not hard to see the family resemblance. (Lucky does not have the full measure of Golden Delicious's depth, though.) A great deal of additional description and detail is included with the patent.

It's interesting to compare this variety with Elstar, an apple with a similar appearance and pedigree that ripens at about the same time.


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