Friday, November 29, 2013

Galarina *

Galarina is classically shaped, ribbed with distinct "chins" at the base. It's large, though not quite as big as pollen parent Querina.

This apple has a blush that is deep and saturated at its greatest. On more-shaded quarters the red fades to a wash with some stripped variation.

There the green-yellow peel gives the apple a slight orange tint. Overall the blush covers 80 to 90 percent.

The lenticels are small and indistinct in the darkest blush, larger elsewhere. Galarina has only a faint sweet aroma.

The bite is very crisp and juicy into coarse-grained yellow flesh. Sugar is foremost and a little aggressive but ultimately nicely balanced with tartness. Given the modern preference for sweetness, that is probably the way to be.

The net effect is corn syrup sweetness tempered with a little spice and a whisper of berries, in great chunky bites. There is also a nice astringent mouth feel that is especially refreshing.

Galarina is a Gala x Querina cross developed at the same French program that bred Querina (under the generic name Florina). I like it better than either parent, though my sampling of Querina is not broad.

Spelling alert: Galerina, with an "e," is a genus of mushroom species, many toxic.


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