Sunday, September 20, 2009

Milton *

Excellent Milton is a medium large apple with a blush that runs to a deep red over a green yellow. Its many irregular lenticels are a darker green (though not in this photo--see below).

The fruit is classically shaped with just a little ribbing, and there are some minor scratches that look like fine lines of russet. It has a faint grassy smell.

Milton's flesh is firm and crisp, a fine-grained snowy white. The flavor suggests a sweeter McIntosh (one of Milton's parents, with White Transparent): balanced and somewhat vinous, with berry notes. There is also whiff of citrus and spice. This is a very satisfying snack in season.

I first had a Milton last year, but my sample then was past its prime, though eatable. I decided at the time to revisit Milton if ever I had the chance, and I'm glad I did.

The erstwhile review is here (and there are some interesting flavors that emerged as the apple aged) but I am shifting the "apple review" label to this one. Today's photo is from the first tasting, however, and its lenticels were tan (probably russeted) and, in the unblushed region, lightly blushed, for a measles effect.

It's just possible that the Milton I had last year was a full year old. If so, this variety must be a good keeper. But, newer is better.


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