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Ludacrisp *

In the midst of the tedious Age of HoneyCrispySweetieCrunch®, the name of this apple made me laugh. At least someone has a sense of humor!

Ludacrisp is large and classically shaped, which is to say, with a bit of a conical taper, so that its shoulders at the tops are broader than the base it rests on. It has a stubby stem, missing on the sample shown.

The streaky orange-red blush mostly covers pale yellow, and is decorated with tan lenticel dots that can range in size and frequency.

There is no ribbing. My apple smells faintly of fresh sweet cider.

Luda Crunch

The apple has medium-coarse light-yellow flesh with an excellent crunch and a lot of juice.

The first impression is a sweet and spicy apple, with a little clove and melon. The spice steps back a little as I eat (and the sweetness steps forward), but it never fully goes away.

These flavors are satisfyingly saturated. The sweetness is more corn syrup than sugar. The crunch is both substantial and light, not a jawbreaker.

I like this one a lot! and I think it fits the modern taste profile. So, give Ludacrisp a try when you find it.

Ludacrisp is a new apple that originated in Ohio, where it ripens around the end of October. According to its patent, it resists fireblight and scab.

The promoters of this apple say, "some people believe it tastes like juicy fruit chewing gum." Some people have a different belief system than I do, apparently, but it's all good.


  1. Thanks for the new apple review! Does sound nice...and I'm always looking for some new ones to try. It's pretty much now that if I don't recognize the apple, I'll buy a few, just to try. Good thing this one is fireblight resistant, or it could be renamed Burned to a Crisp. Lost two trees to it last year...hmmph...but all the more reason to try different varieties.

  2. I've been trying to find info about this variety. Do you know where it can be bought?

    1. @¬¬, the Midwest Apple Improvement Association bred this apple, so they might be able to tell you who grows it in your area.

      I do not think you will find it in supermarkets, but could be wrong about that.

  3. Heinen's grocery stores carry them.

    1. Thanks! I have seen EverCrisp, another MAIA variety, in stores. Not sure what the distribution channels are.

  4. Thank you so much for the coinage "HoneyCrispySweetieCrunch®". I haven't seen Ludacrisp in grocery stores but it's available at farmers' markets in the greater Washington DC/Baltimore MD area.

    1. The MAIA apples (like Ludacrisp) are closer to the ground, economically, than many varieties that make it into wholesale supply chains regularly.


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