Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sansa *

This conical, medium-sized apple has a light red-pink blush over a bright green yellow peel. Its "ribs" are apparent in the photo. The blush has two discrete parts, a light translucent pink and a more-saturated orange red. There is some russet on the blush and in the stem well. Lenticels are dark, and the apple has a faint sweet smell.

Sansa's flesh is light, crisp, white, and coarse, with a delicate crunch. Its flavor is generally sweet, but washed out, with a little tempering tartness. Hints of sugared grapefruit, cane sugar, and grapes add interest.

Refreshing, light Sansa makes a great palate cleanser, or have two for a snack. This variety was fresh at the start of September.

CF Fresh (now called "Vivaterra," for goodness sakes) had an entertaining account of how this variety, a modern Akane-Gala cross, was first bred.


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