Sunday, July 10, 2016


Ariane apple

Large but not huge, this apple's cheerful orange red blush mostly covers green yellow.

Ariane, another apple from France's National Institute for Agricultural Research, has only slight ribbing and a glossy peel that may be waxed.

Despite having  been in storage for most of a year, Ariane feels very firm in hand. She has small but distinct tan lenticels, some dark with russet.

Beneath the skin, fine-grained flavorful yellow flesh is firm but yielding in late June. The apple is well balanced, juicy and with fine flavors: cane sugar and a general fruitiness a bit like lychee.

There are some notes that approach vinousness, though I cannot agree with the reviewer who says Ariane is like McIntosh.

The apple is satisfying with a nice clean feel and finish. With better texture, which seems likely at harvest time, Ariane would be an appealing choice.

I was glad to have two of these, as my first sample was not as good, with patches heading towards mealiness. I always discount that if I have a better sample, especially this time of year.

Ariane boasts some disease resistance courtesy of her complex pedigree, which is diagrammed here. This fruit ripens in late September.


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