Saturday, September 13, 2008

Swiss Gourmet (Arlet) *

Several varieties made their seasonal debuts at Arlington's farmers market this week, including the singularly wonderful Macoun (whose praises I shall sing another time) and Swiss Gourmet.

Apple high season is surely here.

Swiss Gourmet, known as Arlet in Europe where it originated, is a medium-large apple, with a classic shape: slightly conical and ribbed.

It is yellow-green with a light red blush and tan spots. Its fine-grained creamy-white flesh is juicy and firm with a nice crunch, though it fairly melts away in your mouth.

Arlet's sweetness almost masks her complex flavor, which has hints of berries, melon, and cane sugar as well as some tartness that rescues Arlet from sugary banality. Clearly, though, this is a modern apple bred for modern tastes.

Here's a grower's-eye view of this apple.


  1. I have a few Arlet trees in my orchard. They develop late but taste and look great!!
    Hman in MT

  2. I picked up some of these in San Diego today. I agree with your review completely--complexity almost masked by too much sugar.


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