Saturday, October 25, 2008

Apples on the Web: Vintage Virginia Apples

I am, alas, nowhere near the Rural Ridge Orchard in North Garden, Virginia. Fortunately that family farm not only grows but also has described many apple varieties at its web site, Vintage Virginia Apples.

Rural Ridge offers a lot to tempt both the grower and the enthusiast, including fruit (not just apples, but also peaches, quince, pears, and plums), seedlings, tasting events, and workshops about pomiculture. To this distant voyer, however, the main attraction is its thoughtful and evocative catalog of apple varieties, based substantially on Apples: A Catalog of International Varieties, by Tom Burford—which Vintage Virginia also sells.

This listing is indexed by use (cider, cooking, eating) and describes more than 100 American varieties.

Update: The web site has been reorganized to feature the orchard's cider venture, the Albemarle Cider Works.

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  1. Gave my son two trees about 12 yrs.He fell in love with the Duchess! now I`m at the tender age of 87 and he is is 58, begging me to make some applesauce.
    Driving 150 miles with all the fixings.
    to can some Duchess apple sauce!

    Need I say more? thank you kindly for
    for information

    Ruth Meuret northern Wisc.


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