Monday, September 27, 2010


Senshu, a daughter of Fuji, is slightly ribbed and runs from medium to large. She has a red blush over yellow-green peel, starred with large lenticels that are dark, except in the blush. This variety is firm and smells sweet.

Senshu has delightfully crisp light-yellow flesh, on the coarse-grained side and juicy. The flavor is light and sweet with just a suggestion of balancing tart. There is a hint of cider and corn syrup, and also something very like melon, celery, and B-vitamins, though these are faint.

The peel adds a vegetable note to the finish. Flavors of a second and riper tasting sample were more assertive.

This is a pleasing variety with an Asian (or at any rate Japanese) aesthetic, light, sweet, and crisp. Senshu's other parent (with Fuji) is called Toko.

Note: Revised slightly in 2011.


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