Monday, November 3, 2008


Jonathan + Golden Delicious = Jonagold (at least sometimes, see below). The fruit is is medium large, round and regular with slight ribbing. Its skin is a light yellow-green (not gold) spotted with darker green lenticels. An orangish-red blush, streaky in places, covers about half the surface; there the lenticels appear light tan. The unbroken apple smells mellow and sweet, very like I remember a Golden Delicious.

(My apple also has small patches of tiny black stipples. At some point I will find out what that is. In any case it does not put me off in the least when I see it, which is often.)

The flesh is very juicy, also crisp, firm, yellow, and coarse-grained. The apple is evenly sweet and mellow with some acidity but only a little balancing tartness. The flavor, like the smell, reminds me of Golden Delicious (but more lively, and the texture is better), though it has been years since I sampled one. A little pear, perhaps, and honey.

Jonagold is one of several Jonathan - Golden Delicious crosses. It has a reputation for being good for cooking, especially sauteeing, and also as a poor keeper. It will be interesting to compare this apple with the Blushing Golden, a different child of the same parents that is said to improve with age. (Update: You can finally do that if you like.)

If you've read my other reviews you might you might guess that this sort of apple--sweet and simple--is not really to my taste. Indeed with so many more-interesting apples from which to choose, I don't suppose I'll eat many of these or regret not doing so. But it's a refreshing apple in season that should please many. I enjoyed mine.


  1. My wife tried a Jonagold today. The texture of the apple was soft. The flavor she described as crisp and clean with a hint of citrus. She stated it was fairly balanced between sweet and tart but was leaning on the sweet side. Appears to be not a great keeping apple.

  2. Blushing Golden, Jonagold's sibling, a superb keeper however!

    I had an excellent one just a few days ago.

  3. Over the last two weeks I bought some excellent Jonathans that showed up in the local supermarket from somewhere. All gone now, but there were some Jonagolds, and I was curious just how much of the Jonathan taste made it into the Jonagolds. Not much; tasted mostly like Golden Delicious. I've eaten plenty of Jonagolds in the past, but after the great Jonathans I had over the last two weeks, I'm much more aware of how disappointing Jonagold can be.

    1. The Jonathan's have been particularly good this year.

      I agree there's not a whole of of complexity to Jonagold, but when they are good they have a great cheerful crunch (courtesy, in part, of the Jonathan parent apple).

      Blushing Golden is really good, especially after a month or so off the tree.


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