Saturday, November 28, 2015

Ruby Red

Ruby Red Apple
What a show stopper! You can see why some apple breeders become obsessed with creating red-fleshed apples that also have good eating qualities.

Did they succeed with Ruby Red?

I’ve seen a few pink-fleshed apples, but Ruby’s strawberry-red flesh almost matches the well-colored red peel.

Ruby Red apple, uncut
On the outside it’s large and round with moderate ribbing. There are dark red vertical streaks in the blush.

Small light lenticel spots and a crown of russet add further visual interest.

That gorgeous red magenta flesh is inside, fine grained and a little spongy. The flesh deeper in is a lighter pink. Though juicy enough it also runs dry, but is plenty flavorful.

The sweet-tart balance leans towards the tart, with noticeable acidity, but is still pretty good.

I get spice and a little grapefruit and a very little berries. With better texture this would not be a bad apple at all, if an offbeat one, maybe not for everyone.


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