Sunday, October 18, 2020

Pink Luster

Yellow apple with streaky pink blushThese apples are enormous. The smallest one in the bin (shown) is merely large.

Pink Luster, a new variety from Cornell, is conical and ribbed, a cheerful yellow with an uneven dark pink-fuschia blush.

It is tapered and prominently ribbed, has a thick stem in a deep stem well, and is decorated with small light lenticel dots.

And did I mention it's really big?

The breeding program at Cornell is the nation's oldest. Once upon a time, it brought us Cortland and Macoun. I am really interested to learn what its staff has cooked up to appeal to modern tastes.

An Easy Bite

Coarse-grained yellow flesh has a yielding crunch. The Luster is not super juicy and I notice the granular structure of the flesh, which is nonetheless reasonably firm.

The sweet-tart balance is good, and the flavors are uncommonly mild for a modern breed. A little spice, some faint pear and vanilla-banana and, towards the end, a hint of roasted grain save this one from utter blandness.

If this apple speaks to you, I hope you will stick up for it in the comments. There is nothing wrong with Pink Luster, but it's no Macoun. I find it forgettable.

PL is a Honeycrisp x Gala cross. It is possible that the grower or seller did not take care with these, which according to Cornell would have been ready to harvest nearly a month ago.


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