Tuesday, October 29, 2019


Bins filled with 8 different kinds of apples, red, yellow, orange, green

It's a fine time of year for apples.

One of the best farmers markets in the Boston area is in Copley Square. I do not get into town very often, but was there today.

Bins filled with 6 different kinds of apples, with vegetables stacked behind them

There were nearly 30 kinds of apples for sale.

Foppema's alone (below) had 25 different varieties, including Northern Spy, Roxbury Russet, Suncrisp, and Baldwin.

Wooden bins filled with 5 kind of apples plus yellow Quince.

Hamilton had Wolf River, though tiny ones, and Dick's (at top and below) had 13 varieties including Melrouge, Macoun, Winesap, and Brock.

Get ye there! Winter is coming.

For many markets, this is the last week.

A man ponders wooden bins filled with many different kinds of apples, with the stone facade of the Boston Public Library in the background.


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