Sunday, November 9, 2014

Eating October

When it comes to apples, is there any month like October?

I ate 62 apples last month, 23 different identifiable varieties and 2 apples I could not place.

They were great.

October is apple month
I've been tracking my apple consumption this year. Here's what the record shows for October.

October (and September) is prime time for Macoun. I took full advantage last month, eating 13 of these wonderful fruits while they were fresh and at peak.

But I also love variety and ate 49 other apples in October. The full list is at the end of this report.

Sixty-two apples is 16 more than I ate in September, when I had only 10 Macouns.

In October I ate apples every day, at least 2 apples most days and sometimes as many as 4.

A pie chart (see what I did there?) might seem to be especially called for to display these data.

However my fall apple diet is so eclectic that the chart is mostly a lot of skinny slices.

Eating October: 23 varieties

Hover over any slice for variety name and number.

There are so many great choices during the harvest! Nonetheless Macoun and Golden Russet, my 2 most-munched choices for the month, together comprise about a third of all my October apples.

The others include some of my favorite varieties that I seek every year but do not always find. Still I missed Ashmead's Kernel this fall, and a few others.

My last apple of October, a Claygate, was number 347 since the start of the year. It was a little past prime by Halloween. My first apple of November was Thoreau's favorite, Blue Pearmain.

Party on, everyone! The harvest may be done but the eating never stops.

Eating October: 62 apples
different unidentified apples.


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