Tuesday, October 27, 2009

American Beauty (Sterling) *

Today's apple grew in the same orchard where this variety was first discovered one hundred and fifty years ago.

American Beauty, large, round, and ribbed, has a dark red blush, sometimes streaky, over yellow green. Russet, rough to the touch, gives this fruit a sandblasted aspect. Lenticels are light, on the large side, and numerous.

My apple feels quite firm and smells of cider.

It takes a little effort to bite into the Beauty's dense, juicy flesh, which is medium coarse and the color of light yellow cream. Her flavor is delicately sweet, with hints of refined sugar; there are some generic floral and (nearly) vinous qualities too. Despite her size and heft, American Beauty is light and delicate.

This variety's size, texture, and delicacy recall those of another antique variety, Opalescent.

Just about anyone who likes fruit would enjoy this apple, though some might prefer it sliced. There are no sharp notes, and her appealing sweetness is not overpowering.

Sunny Crest Orchards, in Sterling, Massachusetts, claims to be located on the site of the old orchard where this apple was found in the 1850s. (Sunny Crest's harvest is available to those of us in the greater Boston area at Volante Farms in Needham.)

American Beauty is one of 129 varieties with a ticket to board the Ark of Taste.


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