Friday, November 29, 2019

Yes, we have no bananas

Yellow apple with peachy blush and extremely lobed ribbing

Behold, not for the first time, Calville Blanc d'Hiver, the classic French cooking apple.

I'm glad to have two of these, but also disappointed. Here's why.

A basket of yellow, extremely ribbed apples with a label that reads "Winter Banana."
As much as I value Calville for baking, I hunt for (and rarely find) Winter Banana for eating in midwinter.

Yes, that is an apple. They are interesting, super dense, and, stored, peak just before Groundhog's Day.

My Calville came from the mislabeled basket above, where there were no bananas, just Calville. Come to promise springtime and deceive my fragile heart.


  1. Making me anxious! My little Winter Banana is flourishing, yet I have removed all blooms to date. Maybe next year I'll let it keep a couple!

    1. Good for you for growing the WB! They are hard to find.

    2. Yes, I'd like to get a couple more. I was shocked this morning with the wet heavy snowfall. After clearing up the drive, I happened to notice the orchard. Leaves still clung to some of the young trees, and they were bent practically to the ground! The WB was probably the worst, as it appears to be a decidedly weeping tree to begin with. I carefully went around and shook each, and the snow and many leaves came off all. Not one branch lost, but deer have nipped the ends of some branches despite the wire cages. I have an ancient Transparent that it is a miracle it's still standing. Poor apple trees...seems it's always something....


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