Friday, November 1, 2019

E3 and E4

Wouldn't you say these are the same apple?

Today's duo is another installment courtesy of Will in apple-rich Central Massachusetts. The designations E3 & 4 refer to locations in his home orchard.

The only visible difference between these is that one of the E3s is huge. The E4s are merely large, with a cheerful red blush that is sometimes a bit thin or streaky, over yellow.

They are round with minimal ribbing, calyx partially open, tan lenticels prominent.

But they are not the same. I tried the E4 first.

E4 (at right) has crisp breaking flesh, coarse-grained, and light yellow. It is on the sweet side, especially in the finish. There are some very pleasant flavors of violets, with corn syrup, a faint suggestion of blackberries, and savory note in the aftertaste.

E3's appearance is as in E4, down to the calyx.  But E3's flesh is floral and less juicy, with a vinous note absent in E4. Also, E3 is not as sweet as E4.

I feel as though I should know these. I do not.

I am still beavering away at Will's apples, which have included one I cannot identify and another that I believe I can. Also the occasional mad jailbreak.


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