Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fall's last hurrah

I saved out one last russet apple from the fall and ate it today, the last of June.

The apple was yielding in my hand, and its skin was wrinkled and smelled mossy. It looked like a little rotting pumpkin.

But the flesh was sound and the flavors were wonderfully sweet, wildly concentrated pear and honey like ice wine after the freeze.

What had seemed an unpromising idea for a blog post (written to you, dear reader) turned out to be, like so much else, a surprise and a treat.


  1. Turkysong: Golden, I think. But I can't be sure.

    I got this batch at a large supermarket chain and no one there could tell me authoritatively what they were.

    This bugs me, but they were awfully good.

    I suppose they might have been Hudson's Golden Gem based on the flavor, but the shape is more Golden Russet.

  2. Hello -

    Just wanted to pass along a link to an heirloom orchard that has some wonderful pictures of rare cultivars. Keep up the good work Adam!

  3. What an amazing place! They boast 1,500 varieties. And they have a blog.

    Thank you, Matt!.


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