Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Three apples to know in November

They are Suncrisp, Baldwin, and Topaz.

As it happens I just got some of each.

Suncrisp is a modern late-season variety that is good off the tree and gets better and better with age into December. That is when I plan to eat mine.

As it matures in storage it develops some spectacular flavors.

Baldwin is a wonderful old variety with a great story. It was once the premier apple of the Northeast, much esteemed and celebrated.

Topaz is a new variety from the former Czechoslovakia that is both sweet and wonderfully, wonderfully tart. Spicy, with mineral and brine notes.

These are both two-star apples according to my rating system, but each for very different reasons.

If you don't know these apples, you should.


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