Monday, November 12, 2018

Gather them in

Inside a vast, barn-like store are baskets and wooden bins that hold 17 kinds of apples.

There were 17 kinds of apples today at Volante Farms in Needham, Mass.

It's a good place to get apples in what I think of as pirate season, when orchard-fresh apples grow scarce but can still be found.

These include many good keepers.

So, gather ye apples while ye may! Winter is coming.

I got me some Baldwin, Suncrisp, and Topaz.


  1. I recently had a tart made with Baldwins at a friend's house, and it was excellent.

    How do you store your pirate apples?

    1. For longish-term, wrapped individually in newspaper and stored in plastic bags with holes in them, in the fridge or mudroom.

      Baldwin is a top-notch eating apple too, with a very colorful history.


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