Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Fancy a nice stale apple?

A wrinkled apple
Not this guy.
It's almost fall, so perhaps you are thinking about biting into an apple that has been lying around in storage for the last 12 months.

No? This time of year there's a good chance that the McIntoshs or Honeycrisps for sale at your supermarket are from last year's harvest.

I've seen them there in the past week.

I've also seen both for sale at farmers market in the past week, though the Macs are probably a little early.

Those are fresh, if perhaps not fully ripe, so if you see them there go crazy. That's what farmers market is for.

But these varieties are just being harvested now. It's going to be another week or three before they are processed and shipped out to most commercial supermarkets.

Those apples don't put plu stickers on themselves.

Some markets in some parts of the country may get fresh apples direct from the orchards. Most of us will have to wait a few more weeks.

Or go to farmers market.

In the meantime may I suggest some thoughtful similar alternatives to McIntosh and to Honeycrisp?


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