Thursday, October 7, 2010

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Maybe you found this blog by looking for something (on Google, for instance).

Here are some search-related tips about links, labels, sidebar links, comments, photos, search, and other features.

Click underlined links for related matter, some on this blog, some not.

The tabs at the top of the blog link to special pages--like this one--with links organized in what I hope are helpful ways. (Got a mystery apple? Look for a match at "visual.")

Some readers graciously leave comments. Many are more informative than my original posts. Click the comments link at the end of any post to read comments for that post. The five most-recent comments (excluding my replies) are listed in the sidebar at right.

A big thanks to those who take the time to write!

Every post is categorized using keyword labels, listed at the end. Click them to see like posts, if any.

The "seasonal" labels--September, Summer, November, etc.--refer to the approximate time the fruit is picked in the Northern Hemisphere. Every apple review, but not every post, is sorted into these.

You have to scroll down to see all the links in the sidebar at right. Towards the bottom are (1) a list of every apple review by title, followed by (2) a list of every label category. What you seek may be there.

Example: Click Macoun under Apple Review to read my Macoun review. Click Macoun under By Topic to read all the entries--more than five--for that apple.

(There's only one review per variety, though there might be additional posts about it).

Some labels of note: Links will show my short descriptions of other apple-related web sites. Nomenclature links to posts about terms and technology used in the apple world. Comparisons are special reviews comparing two varieties.

Click on any photo to see a larger, clearer version.

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You can search the whole blog using the search feature at the top left of every page, but it is quirky, does not search comments, and misses some results.

Or search everything on Adam's Apples (comments too!):
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This blog's first post and a welcome introduces things and welcomes you, respectively. I plot many of the places I write about on this map.


  1. I have two apple varieties growing on my roof in NYC: Cox’s Orange Pippin and Macoun. I have successfully grafted onto the Macoun a scion of Calville Blanc d’Hiver and plan to graft onto both trees the following additional varieties: Ashmead’s Kernel, Gray Pearmain, Moses Wood and Wickson. But I do not know if they will blossom simultaneously as to pollinate each other. Can anyone advise on this? Thank you.

  2. HUGE thank you for the visual page. I don't see my "quest" apple, but yours is one of the few places I have found to look for apples that might match and thereby identify my mystery apple. Slogging through The Apples of New York one PDF page at a time gets tedious! :)

  3. Anonymous, Oct. 1, '16: I imagine you will find this year many of your successful grafts will bloom - and that they will bot expand our apple bloom season and overlap bloom times with each other quite well. Good thing for Ashmead's, for it has infertile pollen (it's triploid.) Nice selection!

  4. My Dear Adam's Apples, i want to help regarding Apples, i have an a Apple Orchid. Since from 3 year i have found a rust problem, i can i get rid of this problem, plz and plz help me, your most kindness.

    1. Alas, I do not grow apples, though I honor those who do.

      My lot in life is to eat them.


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