Saturday, October 9, 2010

Elstar *

Elstar is generally medium-sized, with some variation. It is moderately ribbed with a streaky red blush over yellow, and with tan, nearly invisible lenticels (a few have dark specks in the center).

This apple is firm with a sweet aroma that suggest the Golden Delicious variety. (Aptly so, as it turns out.)

Inside is coarse yellow flesh, yielding and moderately crisp. The flavors are sweet and luscious, with a marvelous nectarine note, faint but distinct, also some pear, melon, honey, and cane sugar. Well worth trying for these fruity flavors.

Elstar originates from the Institute for Horticultural Plant Breeding in the Netherlands, a Golden Delicious x Ingrid Marie cross. (Patent here.) Orange Pippin praises this variety and its bloodlines.


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