Saturday, December 12, 2009

Where to find local apples in December

For some of us I gather this is not a trick question. However, I live in New England, and mine are in my refrigerator.

I took a little census earlier today. and here's what I have left:

Fifteen russets 
Five Blushing Goldens 
One American Beauty 
Four Cox's Orange Pippins 

The Cox's, which I picked at the end of September, have hung in longest of all and are still quite good.

I also found a few I had lost track of:
Three Wicksons 
Two Westfield Seek-No-Furthers 
One Macoun 

Everything is still good, if not prime. Nonetheless, I don't expect anything to last into the new year, so I'd say I have about the right amount.

These are all that is left from an autumn of orchards, farm stands, and farmers markets. Oh, and a half gallon of Phil's unpasteurized sweet cider in my freezer.

(I've got a few photos, reviews, and thoughts laid away for this blog, too.)

What are you eating?


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