Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Searching for well-kept fruit

This is the time of year I find myself asking, Who has good Macouns? The season for them is quite over and they are not great keepers generally, but if properly stored they can be very good.

So at farm stands and supermarkets I buy them in small quantities, to avoid paying for a week's supply of mushy apples. Today I bought three Macouns at the farmers' market in Davis Square, Somerville. The Arlington market has closed until June, but two of Arlington's three apple growers are hanging in there in Davis Square until the season ends the day before before Thanksgiving.

Happily the fruit is good--definitely late-season Macouns, mellower and with less assertive crackle than at peak, but still satisfyingly rich, juicy, and crisp.

I also got some Baldwins, a late-season favorite of mine and, just for grins, a Brock. All of which I'll share here, along with a bunch of other varieties. Tune in tomorrow.


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